Camp Nantahala

download_btnGroup Adventure Activities with Nantahala Group Packages

Nantahala Group Packages offer the perfect destination for groups looking to spend time together while participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Nantahala Group Packages are designed to help your group grow, try new things and simply have a blast! Choose from the adventure activities below to fill your all-inclusive package.

To learn more about activities in Nantahala Group Packages, read the descriptions below and download the Nantahala Group Packages Leader Guide for full descriptions, offerings and pricing.

Nantahala Guide-Assisted Rafting
RaftingSpend time laughing and splashing out on the river! Nantahala Guide Assisted Raft Trips will let you experience the class II-III Nantahala River with company of a guide in every other boat.
Zip Line Adventure Park
MTZLTake on the challenge and climb, balance and jump to overcome obstacles 40′ above the ground. The ZLAP is a group favorite and will test your aerial skills with every obstacle!
Adventure Mud Race
Adventure-MudCrawl, run and jump through obstacles to help your team win the Adventure Race. There is no shortage of mud and smiles at the finish line!
Lake Stand-Up Paddling and Kayaking
SUPChoose a stand up paddle board or kayak to explore beautiful Lake Fontana just downstream of the Nantahala River.
Break-out teams learn basic knot tying skills to build rafts using plastic drums, buckets, ropes and poles.  Teams then race each other while keeping teammates afloat and rafts intact!  Or, build one giant raft and slowly remove its components while keeping everyone afloat.
Guided Nature Hike
waterfallsLace up your shoes and hit the trails with a Nantahala Group Packages guide! You will see a variety of native flora and fauna with the possibility of seeing a secret 40′ waterfall hidden on property (water level dependent).
Treeclimbing and Belaying
treeclimbingHarness up and climb some of the oldest and most beautiful trees in Western North Carolina. Guides will belay your group and teach the basics of climbing during this activity.
Wilderness Survival Skills
Wilderness-SurvivalLearn the basics of Wilderness Survival with NOC’s Survival School. From plant identification to fire building, you are guaranteed to improve your wilderness skills here.
River Ecology
An NOC guide will lead participants on a trip that includes the study of aquatic insects, salamanders, fish, and more.  They will learn aspects of a healthy freshwater stream and its relationship to the surrounding terrestrial ecosystem.
Team-Building Initiatives
Engaging, structured exercises providing growth opportunities for participants on both personal and interpersonal levels.  Through fun games and challenges our experienced facilitators push participants to develop and practice problem solving, communication and feedback skills in a supportive but challenging environment.
Upgrade Your Adventure!
Looking for more adventure or a different kind of adventure? Nantahala Group Packages have more activities to choose from. Choose to upgrade or substitute your basic adventure activities with the following activities.

  • Nantahala Fully Guided
  • Nantahala Guided Ducks
  • Mountaintop Zip Line
  • Guided Fontana Lake Tour
  • Alpine Tower

For more information about pricing and upgrade options, download the Nantahala Group Packages Leader Guide.